Sunday, March 22, 2009

Le Blog. By Popular Demand. You're Welcome.

Dear London, Pleased to Meet You.. We've only known one another for three weeks, but, by what I can see, I think we will get along famously...

So far, here are the things I really like about you:
(1) The Red Buses. Although, I did forget that they make me extremely seasick when I'm on the top deck.
(2) I can see the sky at all times, even if cloud-filled.
(3) I get to say, and have said to me, "Cheers, Mate" about nine times a day.
(4) An extensive and impressive choice of chocolate and cheese at any grocery store
(5) That the post office is more like a mini-mart that just happens to also be a post office.

Here are the things I will try to learn to love/overlook:
(1) Everything closing so early at night.
(2) The dollhouse-size washing machines that take three hours to do approximately four items of clothing.
(3) Lack of nail salons.
(4) All the coins. I mean, really, are they all necessary? Because they weigh a ton.
(5) Lack of Mexican Food.

I must admit that I feel conflicted over the bacon situation here. On the one hand, yum, bacon, but, often it's quite thick, more like ham - and not often crispy. Part of the deliciousness that is bacon is related to its being hot and crispy. at the same time. So, while I am glad to see so many bacon-related offerings, really, we need to evolve in this area. consider it constructive criticism.